The 'Junction', Preston VIC

July 2015


Creative Suburbs ran a 6-month project in partnership with Darebin City Council on the Thornbury/Preston intersection to:

  • Activate the area;

  • Develop social cohesion through street activities and events;

  • Whilst collecting crucial information on residents and business priorities.

Collected from both online and face-to-face sources, this information formed part of a new masterplan for the area.

Rather than co-ordinate a typical “town hall” method of engagement, two large scale activation events were run with the purpose of engaging residents. These were:

  • A street party activating a section of High St, where local traders sold goods and services on the street, and various activities were conducted for all demographics; and

  • A projection festival spanning two evenings, showcasing the work of local artists and utilising underutilised spaces within the area.