Creative Suburbs was founded in 2014, from the notion that if you've got the desire and ideas to improve your local area, chances are, so do your neighbours. 

We work to enable conversations between people who are not necessarily speaking, foster collaboration and empower resilience in communities so that they are able to have a say in the design and future of their local area. Our team can help mobilise, facilitate and connect existing assets for critical projects. In most instances, these assets already exist in communities by way of neighbours with ideas, community groups, organisations, government and resources to make ideas happen.

Moreover, we focus on participatory design, offer boutique engagement solutions and specialise in tailored-public events, temporary site activations, action research and community engagement


Our team is passionate about finding effective ways for local community groups, socially minded organisations and government to connect and ideate.

Activating change in your local area can sometimes be difficult, especially when dealing with the bureaucratic processes to make those wonderful ideas actually happen

That's why we've built a unique platform to allow the voices of residents, visitors and local businesses in your community to re-imagine and activate the public realm. 

We love working with people and organisations that have a passion and vision for their community yet still need support to make those things happen.



"By far the greatest and admirable form of wisdom is that needed to plan and beautify cities and human communities." 

- Socrates